Greg is a Cloud technology expert and practice leader who has developed subject matter expertise and wide-ranging business acumen by working with some of the largest, most successful technology providers and client companies on the planet.

In Greg’s current role as a Senior Director for Avanade, responsible for Azure Platform Services for the South region of the US, Greg offers deep knowledge of Microsoft Azure and leads the team to make implementations and managed services successful while maximizing ROI, reliability and security for their clients.

In his personal time, Greg is a Renaissance Man. Greg is constantly creating new recipes to satisfy his craving for old world foods while serving the challenging diets that his two boys and wife have (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free). However, this doesn’t stop Greg from making some of the most delicious recipes from his childhood like Pierogies or Waffles!

Greg is also a very hands on hobbiest with interests ranging from Jeeps (and their modifications) to Drones (building and flying them), working with wood and making furniture, and dabbling in 3D printing.

This site is dedicated to Greg’s personal hobbies, and serves as a place for Greg to share his ideas, recipes, and progress on projects with the world and for all that are interested.

And with that, if you are still here, please enjoy reading all of the posts… as I don’t think I can write in 3rd person anymore!